Student Accommodation

Living away from home can be a daunting experience for some students. Not only are they embarking on their tertiary education journey;  they’re also experiencing a key milestone in their life as they move away from family and friends to join a new, rewarding community.

A crucial part of building a rewarding community is ensuring students and their belongings are safe and secure. Prioritising security means that students can get back to focusing on what really matters: their education.

Constant has partnered with student accommodation services for almost ten years to build safe, secure and supportive environments for students across Australia. Our team understands the multitude of security challenges that can be imposed on student accommodation. More importantly, we know how to integrate this knowledge into a security strategy that contributes to an overall safe and supportive culture. 

Why student accommodation security is so important

Students can be particularly vulnerable to security threats, meaning it’s fundamental that they are consistently supported by experienced security professionals.

An appropriately selected and trained  security officer within student accommodation can take concerted action to:

  • Provide for and support the wellbeing of students
  • Protect the belongings and gadgets that students store in their accommodation
  • Ensure cultural sensitivities are understood and respected
  • Stop trespassers or other unwelcome guests from entering the accommodation
  • Provide peace of mind to students and their families
  • Monitor for and prevent anti-social behaviour
  • Actively deter crime
  • Report security developments to management or authorities

Why Constant?

24/7 support

Our team is only ever a phone call away. We provide clients with support on a 24/7 basis to ensure consistent customer outcomes. Customer service is more than just a policy to us: it’s a mindset.

National expertise

With 8 offices spread across Australia, our staff have local knowledge that’s supported by the specialist executive leadership team. Our national footprint allows us to deliver services on any scale.

Innovative technology

The success of modern security is dependent on accessing cutting-edge technology. Our team uses technology to provide transparency into the state of our clients’ security. From body cameras and thermal imaging to drones and robotics, you can be certain that your security system will be integrated with efficient and current technology.

Enhanced transparency

Our systems and procedures are tailored to ensure compliance with laws and regulations in the security sector. We prioritise transparency in our work, so you can always be aware of new developments.


Constant has a dedicated Safety and Environmental Management procedure, accredited by international standards. We make concerted efforts to reduce the environmental impacts throughout our business practices by minimising waste and offsetting carbon emissions.

Extensive experience

We’ve worked across diverse industries. By incorporating a client-centric approach, our staff can seamlessly integrate into different industries and security models.

Our mission

Constant’s mission is to safeguard organisations and their stakeholders by providing a customised security solution powered by our highly-trained staff and industry-leading technology. Since 2003, Constant has been providing Australians with peace of mind with our comprehensive security services. Our attentive staff are committed to delivering quality customer service by seamlessly integrating with your team.

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